Dating Tips

  • Relax and have fun. Speed Dating is supposed to be a fun night out, not a trauma or an interview process for finding the love of your life. At best, regard it as a night of meeting new friends.
  • If you like someone make sure you let them know. It’s a fast moving environment so a little flirting wouldn’t go astray.
  • Be Yourself! It may seem like a bright idea at the time to be the dolphin trainer, or the supermodel you always wanted to be, but first impressions last.
  • Make an effort – speed dating is all about first impressions, so leave the comfort clothes at home, and wear something that makes you feel and look good!
  • Stay safe – use the same safety principles as you would on any other night out – tell a friend where you will be, don’t give out your home address and be careful on your way home.
  • Get drunk!! Memory blanks, confessing undying love to everyone you’ve just met and spilling drinks all over yourself isn’t going to get the dates in!
  • Be fashionably late – this is one event where it pays to get there early and get your early markers in!
  • Talk about yourself too much – if you’re nervous or think you’r running out questions, its easy to just start talking. Remember to ask questions and sound interested in the other person – that’s what you’re there for after all!
  • Forget to fill out the Speed Dating score card as you go. Otherwise you may get to the end of the night and have no recollection who the hunk/chic with the great smile was you wanted to tick…..
  • Give out your personal details on the evening. Have a good time, but be sensible and keep your wits about you. After all, that’s what the score cards are for!